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SLZ and Associates provides computer support services and Internet business and personal site development services for home and business clients in the Northeast Ohio region.

Service is available for Cuyahoga, Lorain, Medina, Summit, Portage, Geauga and Lake counties.

Call or Email for Information!


Unfortunately, on-line today, there are many ways people and businesses do trick, swindle and scam other people into buying things on-line. If you ever have a question about a purchase you are considering from SLZ and Associates, please call 216-233-4443 and verify that the service is indeed being sold by SLZ and Associates.

Sales by SLZ and Associates is all service related and is initially defined by each client,  depending on the details of the project at hand.

SLZ and Associates primary sales is for services related to local and distant support services usually provided on as needed or ongoing basis to clients.

Services may include technical support of hardware and software use with computers, domain name and hosting account services, site design, implementation, support and troubleshooting.

Other related services performed may include writing, editing, image acquisition, adjustment and any other related services. Other related services may include programming services and contracted third party services. Programming and third party services are acquired usually only when necessary and is always pre approved by each client.

At times specific package offers for site hosting and support services are offered at this site and other maintained sites.

If you do happen to find an SLZ and Associates sale or offer, in some cases there will be a buy button to purchase the service. In almost all other cases, you are required to call 216-233-4443, to discuss your situation and establish your account, before I can sell you anything.

At times, there may on-line or email offers to buy other businesses products or services. These offers may be direct advertising promotions available from my business clients or these may be affiliate based offers.

With exception to affiliate offers, any on-line sales made by SLZ and Associates is usually through Paypal. Paypal also allows you to use a credit card for payment through their system, without having to register for a Paypal account.