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SLZ and Associates provides computer support services and Internet business and personal site development services for home and business clients in the Northeast Ohio region.

Service is available for Cuyahoga, Lorain, Medina, Summit, Portage, Geauga and Lake counties.

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Purchase Agreements

Purchase agreements are necessary when selling products or services to a consumer.

It is important that consumers understand exactly what they are agreeing to when buying a product or service. Therefore a purchase agreement must specify what the terms of a purchase or sale of a product or service entails.

SLZ and Associates provides site hosting services, site development services, support services, subscription services and in some cases software files for doing business.

In all service cases, SLZ and Associates or any SLZ and Associates customer may terminate any services at any time, for whatever reason. In all cases of termination of services for any sites maintained by SLZ and Associates, the services related costs will be prorated and refunded to the customer for any unused portion of a service.

No refunds are given for any software purchases from SLZ and Associates.

No refunds are given for affiliate programs, which you may have joined through SLZ and Associates marketing campaigns. If you are due a refund though, that should be coming from the 3rd party affiliate program you joined.

Any time you do make a purchase of a product or service from SLZ and Associates, you are also agreeing to the terms of service, privacy policy, spam policy and disclaimers listed at the specific site or at this site (if not posted at the specific site), as part of your purchase agreement.

Should you have any questions concerning your agreement at the time of any purchase from SLZ and Associates, please contact support, call or write.