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SLZ and Associates provides computer support services and Internet business and personal site development services for home and business clients in the Northeast Ohio region.

Service is available for Cuyahoga, Lorain, Medina, Summit, Portage, Geauga and Lake counties.

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Spam Policy

Spam is not tolerated at all. Spam is not sent from this site’s mailing system or any mailing system supported by SLZ and Associates.

There are only two conditions under which you may have received mail from any  site supported by SLZ and Associates.

1.) You may have opted-in to a lead program in which case you may receive up to four initial e-mails from the site you are subscribing to. (Up to 2 e-mails would be sent, one in text and possibly one in HTML format with the same information), following your submission. If this is true, you would be given an option to subscribe to the mail list at the site, in the e-mail you received. If you confirm the subscription in the first e-mails sent to you, then a welcome email would be sent from the same site, confirming your actions and subscription.

SLZ and Associates does not subscribe you to multiple lists at one time, without your permission. Normally we always provide information to subscribe to only one list at a time and based on your request to subscribe. If and when we do ever use multiple mail list subscriptions, you, as a subscriber will always be given the information about any multiple lists and the options to choose the number of lists you wish to subscribed to.
In all cases of email list subscriptions, containing links to commercially identifiable products and or services, every email sent to you must contain links to change your subscription information, at all times. Every email sent must also contain the name and address of the sender, and in the event of marketing for someone else, their name address must also be present in each email you receive.

At random times, we do send out informational e-mails to lead lists, so if do you receive an email from us, and you do not subscribe or opt-in, then no further information should be received from any site supported or maintained by SLZ and Associates. If your name and e-mail does come up in another lead generation list  acquired by site administration for marketing, then you may receive additional informational e-mails.

2.) You opted-in to the mail list at any site supported or maintained by SLZ and Associates. If this is true, then you would also have confirmed your subscription for the site, immediately at some point following your initial subscription request. All mail sent to any subscriber lists from any site maintained or supported by SLZ and Associates will always contain some your specific account information or links to get to that information . So if you have opted in, you will always have the choice to opt-out from any list at any time, because that information is included in the e-mails you are receiving.

At random times, you may receive informational or transactional e-mails that do not contain any form of, or mention of commercial solicitations of products and or services. These type of e-mails may contain at least one link, along with very specific information alerting you to as to exactly why you are receiving the email and any action you must take, usually related to the link provided in the email. It is important to note that these types of e-mails are transactional or informational in nature, and are not covered by the CAN SPAM act. For example, if you had subscribed to an email list which is old and is currently being verified, due to age, then you may receive an informational email about the old subscription and more than likely a request to rejoin the list or reconfirm your subscription. In most cases with this type of informational email, if you do nothing related to the email, then your information and or subscription is usually deleted from the mailing system.

As a final note, all of the the information on this page is related to United States businesses and business generated through US based networks or servers.
SLZ and Associates is not concerned with SPAM generated from servers or accounts residing outside of the continental United States or its territories, since these geographical areas may not be affected by the CAN SPAM act.